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Projector may refer to:

  • Video projector, a device that projects a video signal from computer, home theater system etc.
  • Movie projector, a device that projects moving pictures from a filmstrip
  • Slide projector, a device that projects a still image with a transparent base
  • Overhead projector, a device that projects a transparent image
  • Opaque projector, a predecessor to the overhead projector
  • Magic lantern (projector), a historic projection device
  • Camera obscura, the historic ancestor to projection devices
  • Enlarger, a device used to produce photographic prints from negatives
  • Ceiling projector, a device used to measure the height of clouds
  • Projection (linear algebra), a linear transformation of a vector space
  • Projector (album), an album by Dark Tranquility
  • A type of mortar (weapon)
  • A version control system used in the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop
  • As a synonym for promoter, e.g. in the phrase "railway projectors"
  • Projector is an archaic term in US patent law meaning original inventor to reduce an invention to practice.