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Science / Science Publications

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Science Journals & News

Press resource centre for European science, engineering, and technology.
American Chemistry Council News and Media
Provides chemical industry and business news, industry reports, fact sheets, press releases and media contacts.
American Museum of Natural History Scientific Publications
Disseminates the results of laboratory investigations and fieldwork conducted by museum scientists and their colleagues in the areas of zoological systematics, paleontology, geology, evolution, and anthropology.
American Museum of Natural History: Science Bulletins
The American Museum of Natural History highlights current and ongoing research and phenomena in the fields of earth science, biology, and astrophysics.
BBC News: Science/Nature
Features daily breaking news in genetics, zoology, paleontology, space exploration, and other fields of science.
Berkeley Lab Science Beat
Breaking research news from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, written for those who want to know about science but don't speak the language.
Chinese Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
Chinese Physics B
Chinese Physics Letters
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Climate Debate Daily
CNN ScienceSpace
Communications in Theoretical Physics
Computational Science & Discovery
Cosmos News

Cool Science Images
Essential Science Indicators Special Topics
Thomson Scientific site providing citation analyses and commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances. Includes interviews and profiles of scientists, hot papers in science, and features a special topic every month.

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Daily Tech News
Discovery News
Environmental News Network
Environmental Research Letters
Environmental Science & Technology
European Journal of Physics
Offers articles, facts and figues, quizzes, poetry, games, news, links, and science webcams.
Future Brief
News filtering service that covers the interaction of nanotechnology, biotechnology, the information sciences, and the cognitive sciences. From New Global Initiatives, Inc.
Genome News Network
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Journal of Breath Research
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering
Journal of High Energy Physics
Journal of Instrumentation
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
King Saud University Scientific Publications
Repository of published scientific papers by researchers and faculty members at King Saud University.
Lab, The
Australian Broadcasting Corporation's gateway to online science news and features.
Offers free mp3 recordings of lectures in the humanities, science, literature, computer science, and more.
Explains the science of everyday life. LiveScience offers news stories and in-depth articles covering the animal world, technology, the environment, history, science of fiction, forces of nature, and more.
MSNBC: Technology & Science
New York Times: Science
Ongoing news in medicine, environment, astronomy, space, zoology, paleontology, and other science topics.
News in Science
From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Nova: Science in the News
A look at the science behind the headlines by the Australian Academy of Science.
New Scientist
Newswise LifeNews
Newswise MedNews
Newswise SciNews
Physica Scripta

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Physical Biology
Physics Education
Physics in Medicine and Biology
Physics-Uspekhi published by Turpion and UFN
Planet Ark

Destination for science, space, and technology enthusiasts from around the globe.
RedShift Now
Science news, techie topics, and more from the Ontario Science Centre.
Russian Chemical Reviews published by Turpion
Russian Mathematical Surveys published by TurpionSciDev.Net
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Science a GoGo
Aims to reveal developments in science and technology to as wide an audience as possible.
Science Commons
Designed to encourage scientific innovation by making it easier for scientists, universities, and industries to use literature, data, and other scientific intellectual property and to share their knowledge with others.
Science Site, The
International webzine with a New Zealand focus.
Learn about the latest discoveries and current research in all fields of science. .
ScienceNOW: The Latest News Headlines From the Scientific World
Find the latest news for the scientific community, including daily news from ScienceNOW and weekly news from Science magazine.
Independent source for the latest news on science and technology.
Subscription-based weekly email digest of the news of science.
Scientific Cage
Easy-to-read articles about scientific issues with links to detailed information.
Collection of research and feature stories, policy news, and announcements.
Science news source and discussion forum for anyone interested in cutting-edge science and technology.

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SciTech Daily Review
An aggregation of science and technology news and developments - the latest trends, breakthroughs, and articles from many sources.
Seed 2007 Science Writing Contest
Invites essayists to addresses the question "What does it mean to be scientifically literate in the 21st century?"
Singing Science Records
Remembering the science-themed folk songs produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
USA Today: Health & Science
USGS Newsroom
Features the agency's latest news releases on geological and environmental findings and issues.
Visions of Science Photographic Awards
Competition sponsored by The Daily Telegraph and Novartis. Includes galleries of past winners.
Why Files, The
Illuminates the science, math, and technology lurking behind the headline news.

Science Dictionaries

Amateur Telescope Makers Dictionary
Words in nine languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, and Russian. Definitions in English.
BioTech's Biotechnology Dictionary
Free, searchable online dictionary of biology, chemistry, and biotechnology terms.
Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary
Provides definitions for technical terms and acronyms, and related articles.
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypical problems, and related definitions.
Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology
Provides quick access to easily-understood and cross-referenced definitions.
Dictionary of Units, A
An explanation of the principle systems of units, their history, standards, and conversion factors for changing from one to the other.
Glossary of Botanical Terms
Interactive glossary of terms relating to botany, gardening,horticulture, and landscape architecture.

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Glossary of Genetic Terms
Created by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) to help people without scientific backgrounds understand the terms and concepts used in genetic research.
Glossary of Satellite Terms
Glossary of Space Terms
From the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
How Many?
Dictionary of units of measurement with commentaries and explanations of the English Customary, Metric, and International Systems.
Hypertext Glossary of Genetic Terms
Searchable database of genetic terms with hypertext cross references and pictures.
Lexicon EncycloBio
Provides biological terms, definitions with pictures, and Flash movies. Includes an internal search engine.
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Glossary of terms (plus supplements) used in optimization.
Maths Dictionary for Kids, A
Easy definitions for basic math.
Plasma Dictionary
Database of plasma physics terms.
Science Terms: Distinctions, Restrictions, and Confusions
Discussion of familiar words that have specific or specialized meanings in science, and scientific terms that are easy to confuse. From The American Heritage Book of English Usage.
University of Alberta Cognitive Science Dictionary
A dictionary for the study of human and animal vision, including terms from biological and machine vision, visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience, and other related fields.
Web Directory: Dictionaries and Unit Conversion for Engineers

Science Films & Documntaries

Collage of film archive documentary footage which depicts the complete range of humanity and human experience, starting with birth and going on through various themes set to a soundtrack by Johnny Greenwood.
Flock of Dodos
Evolutionary ecologist Dr. Rand Olson tries to make sense of the controversy over the teaching of intelligent design versus evolution in his short documentary film.
In the Shadow of the Moon
Official site for the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon, about the epic Apollo Space Program, told through candid crew interviews and re-mastered NASA mission footage.
Kennewick Man: An Epic Drama of the West
Documentary exploring the controversy surrounding the prehistoric human remains discovered on the banks of the Columbia River.

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Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Many Faces
MANA - Beyond Belief
Documentary about the power that objects have over the human mind. Written and directed by Peter Friedman and Roger Manley.
IMDb: Me & Isaac Newton (1999)
Powers of Ten
Official site for Powers of Ten, a nine-minute film made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977, which promotes an understanding of scale in order to organize thinking and experience in a new perspective.
Roving Mars (2006)
Space Station
Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)
An unsettling yet visually fascinating documentary presenting the history of nuclear weapons development and testing between 1945 and 1963.
Virtual Corpse, The
HBO documentary telling the story of a convicted murderer on death row in Texas who bequeathed his body to science. Includes interviews and synopsis.


Science Places

All Species Foundation
Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
Center for Science and the Media
Center For The Study Of Language And Information
Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dana Centre
Dittrick Medical History Center
Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA
The Mars Society
Memoirs of a Space Engineer
The Museum of Jurassic Technology
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
New York Academy of Sciences
Nobel e-Museum
Operation Migration
Robot Hall of Fame
Science Museum (London)
SETI Institute Online
Society for Amateur Scientists
Space Station
Sustainable Seas Expeditions
The Vega Science Trust

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Science Magazines

21st Century Science and Technology
Quarterly publication that discusses biology, physics, space science, oceanography, nuclear energy, and ancient epigraphy.
American Scientist
Sigma Xi's interdisciplinary magazine, with links to sample articles, columns, book reviews and illustrations.
Australasian Science
Monthly science magazine for the general public. Featuring news and commentary on scientific developments from journalists and scientists.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Covers nuclear weapons, international security, the military, the arms trade, and the nuclear industry. Home of the Doomsday Clock, which has signified the level of threat posed by nuclear weapons and other changing factors in international security since 1947.
ChemScope Daily News Magazine
CIS Science and Technology.
Complete daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine - news, FDA updates, jobs, suppliers, products.
Cornell SciTech Magazine
Devoted to the coverage of new ideas, breakthroughs, controversies and people in the worlds of science and engineering.
Cosmos Magazine
Bi-monthly features magazine about ideas, science, society, technology, and the future. Published in Sydney, Australia.
New Zealand publication featuring a collection of articles and links on dinosaurs.
Distant Star
Electronic magazine of the First Millennial Foundation, dedicated to human colonization of the galaxy.
The Engineer Online
Environmental Science & Technology
The Future of Things
Eureka Magazine
Journal of engineering design excellence for practising engineers.
Forum for the interest of the industrial application of laser technology; a user-magazine with reports from industry, universities and institutions (in German).
Exploring: Exploratorium Magazine
Science and art stories with RealAudio/Video clips and online activities and experiments.
front wheel drive
The Future of Things
A humble attempt to bring intelligent reporting to emerging sciences such as artificial intelligence, chaos theory, and related topics.
Geology and Environment Italy
Geology magazine from Italy.
News magazine for the earth and environmental sciences published by the American Geological Institute.
Harvard Science Review
The Idea Channel
Issues in Science and Technology
Instrumentation & Control Systems
Industrial automation hardware and software for control engineers and engineering managers.
Multi-authored scientific journal apt for both the expert and the lay public in both the exact and natural sciences.

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Issues in Science and Technology
Publishes articles that analyze current topics in science, technology, and health policy, and recommends actions by government, industry, academia, and individuals to solve pressing problems.
Journal of the American Medical Association
The Lancet
Leonardo Electronic Almanac
La Recherche
Science magazine in French.
Laser Focus World
A monthly magazine, provides comprehensive global coverage of electro-optics technologies, applications, and markets.
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Research Review
Magazine highlights the latest research achievements from America's first national laboratory.
Mathematical journal for high-school and undergraduate students. In Croatian.
National Geographic Magazine
Online edition of the popular magazine.
German magazine about environment, politics, science, and more.
For reviews, essays, and letters concerned with all aspects of science.
International weekly journal of science.
Netsurfer Science
Free e-zine delivered by e-mail which discusses science and technology sites.
New Scientist
Daily science news, hot topics on some of the current issues facing our world today, plus selected content from the magazine.
New Zealand Science Monthly
General-interest New Zealand science and technology magazine aimed at general public, with news and features, education section, profiles, opinion pieces, puzzles, competitions, photographs.
Notre Dame Science Quarterly
Odyssey Magazine
Science magazine aimed at kids aged 10-16.
OR/MS Today
Bi-monthly publication providing a comprehensive look at operations research and management science through news stories, feature articles, case-studies, software reviews and surveys.
Our Planet (UNEP)
The Philosophers' Magazine
Physics Today
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Psychiatry On Line
Physics Today
Flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

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Physics World
Pop! Magazine
An environment, science and nature 'zine for kids. Includes stories, games, jokes, and contests.
Pulp & Paper Magazine
Includes affiliated newsletters, conferences, directories, reports and other info resources.
Bimonthly magazine of math and science (primarily physics). Subscription based.
Rapid News
For those interested in rapid manufacturing technologies.
Revista Fator GIS
R&D Magazine
Santa Fe Institute Bulletin
Especializada em Geoprocessamento, distribuída por assinatura; trata de cartografia, sensoriamento semoto, GIS, GPS, promove o GIS BRASIL anualmente: Brazilian Geoprocessing magazine.
Reports on science and technology with particular relevance to sustainable development and the needs of developing countries.
Science & the City (NYAS)
Science & Consciousness Review
Science & Spirit
Science & Technology Review
Science Base Science News
Science & Technology Review
Communicates Lawrence Livermore's scientific and technological accomplishments to a broad audience.
Independent source for the latest news on science and technology.
Science Magazine
Global weekly journal of research which serves the scientific community as a forum for the presentation and discussion of important issues related to the advancement of science.
Science News
ScienceNOW: The Latest News Headlines From the Scientific World
Find the latest news for the scientific community, including daily news from ScienceNOW and weekly news from Science magazine.
Top of Page ScienceDaily
Magazine offering the latest science news.
Scientific American
Enhanced versions of print articles, explorations of recent developments in the news, interviews, ask the experts, and much more.
Offers simple and fun kids' science activities, FAQ, cool links, and super science for kids 7-11, parents, and teachers. An initiative of CSIRO.
Redefining science's place in popular culture and vice versa.
Scientific American
Sea Technology
Specializing in the ocean/marine industry. Published monthly.
Seed Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer
Skeptic Magazine
Sky & Telescope
Smithsonian Magazine
Magazine of the Smithsonian Institution that explores art, history, and science.
Space Buffs
Spectroscopy Europe
Product database, diary, news, book reviews, meeting reports, and other material from the printed magazine.
Spectroscopy Magazine
Promotes the effective use of spectroscopic instrumentation as a problem-solving tool in research, quality control, environmental monitoring, and the life sciences.
Magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science, from interdisciplinary collaborations to policy to culture.
Top of Page TCS Daily
Technology Research News
Technology Review
U.S. Tech Interactive
Ultrasonic Testing OnLine Journal
Universe Today
Wired News
World Science
World Scientist


Science Broadcasters

Berkeley Groks
Weekly radio science program taking an in depth look at recent events in the world of science and technology, and how these recent discoveries effect our daily lives.
Rational comedy for an irrational planet. Science-flavored, interview-based, daily live webcast with host Brian Malow.
DNA Files, The
Join host John Hockenberry on a radio journey through the world of genetics. Listen to excerpts from the programs.
Everyday Science
Radio series of two-minute vignettes that explore the wonders of science found in our everyday lives.
Green Room, The
Dorian Devins' in-depth WFMU radio interviews with scientists and innovators.
Naked Scientists Online
Provides science, medicine, and technology on demand. Contains science news stories in text and audiovisual formats, articles, and interviews with famous scientists.
National Geographic: Radio Expeditions
Blends narrative, interviews, and digital sound to document stories of our world's threatened environments and diverse cultures.
NPR News: Health and Science
Science Friday
Online companion to Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, a weekly live radio program broadcast on National Public Radio. Hosted by Ira Flatow.
This Week In Science
Weekly science news radio program with an irreverent slant. Site includes text articles, discussion forums, audio archives of past shows, and live weekly broadcasts.


People in Science

Stephen Hawking